DEP is in the process of finalizing changes to individual and general permits for municipal storm sewer systems  that would result in stringent and costly requirements on municipalities throughout the Commonwealth. I recently co-authored an article for publication in The Legal Intelligencer on these changes, and how municipalities can address them.

DEP’s proposed changes modify

With relatively little fanfare last year, shortly before he was given an early retirement by the voters, Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania signed into law Act 199, which amends the Commonwealth’s program for distress municipalities known as Act 47.

Act 199 makes numerous changes to municipal recovery in Pennsylvania.  While most of the attention has

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If you are a municipality in Pennsylvania, you do not have an easy life.  In many ways, you operate like a small business: you have revenues, expenses

Yeah, I know, crazy right? Here is the story. Apparently the Union did not think so. When the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (“Union”) and the City of Philadelphia (“City”) could not reach terms on a new collective bargaining agreement, they submitted the dispute to binding interest arbitration.

The Union was seeking