The McNees Public Sector Group is a one-stop shop where solicitors and municipal officials can turn to get help with the unique legal issues that face governmental entities.  We understand that governmental entities, at all levels, operate within a more heavily regulated and complicated legal framework, and we know how to help.  Often, lawyers or firms view a client’s situation only with regard to a lawyer’s specialty practice area. A finance lawyer may only see the issues related to revenues and expenses, but does not see the overall context of how that debt fits into the rest of the balance sheet. A labor lawyer may only see the issues related to a specific contract negotiation and not understand the other pressures on the municipality’s revenues and expenses.

The Public Sector practice group takes a different approach.  We are a team of lawyers from various practice areas with the experience and knowledge to address your issues holistically.  Our number one priority is to provide you with a strategy to reach the best overall result for your organization.  We work with solicitors, governmental officials, auditors and financial advisors, with a broad, coordinated approach to dealing with the difficult legal issues you face. Our focus is on the legal aspects of these issues, and our goal is to solve your problems efficiently.

Our attorneys are keenly aware of the unique challenges facing public sector entities in Pennsylvania.  We know about these problems, because we currently represent entities that look to McNees to resolve their issues at all levels of government, including Commonwealth agencies, counties, cities, municipalities, authorities and school districts. Another big reason for our understanding, awareness, and proactive approach is based on our own experiences.  A number of our attorneys joined McNees following successful public sector careers where their legal experience was shaped and strengthened. Our attorneys in the Public Sector group have a multi-layered perspective, because they have worked either in-house at the state, county or municipal level within the Commonwealth or within the agencies before whom many issues are decided.

As with all McNees attorneys, the Public Sector practice group practitioners pride themselves on putting Clients First, which means that McNees attorneys always put our clients’ goals and interests above all else.  When we are considering fee structures, developing a solution to a legal problem, reviewing a new legal development and at all other times, we ask ourselves: what is in the best interest of our client?  Each day, our attorneys think clients first and put clients first in everything we do.