We previously reported on Mayor Eric Papenfuse’s controversial plan to triple the local services tax in the City of Harrisburg (a tax that overwhelmingly affects commuters, not residents). After securing the needed sign-off from the Commonwealth Court in January, Papenfuse’s plan was stalled by City Council as it worked through numerous other changes proposed to

With relatively little fanfare last year, shortly before he was given an early retirement by the voters, Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania signed into law Act 199, which amends the Commonwealth’s program for distress municipalities known as Act 47.

Act 199 makes numerous changes to municipal recovery in Pennsylvania.  While most of the attention has

The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) recently announced that it has charged the City of Harrisburg with violations of various anti-fraud provisions of federal securities laws in connection with the resource recovery facility and other outstanding municipal bonds issued or guaranteed by the City.  The City has accepted a settlement of the charges in which