McNees Public Finance attorneys Timothy J. Horstmann and Ryan T. Gonder will present “Preparing for an Audit of ARPA Expenditures: What to Do Now,” at the  Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors annual conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this April.

During this presentation, attendees will learn about the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and its historic allocation of approximately $350 Billion in state and local governmental aid in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Attendees will learn about the United States Department of the Treasury’s implementation of the Act through the publication of its Interim Final Rule and Final Rule, with emphasis on the permitted expenditures of funds received through the Program.

Attendees will also learn about the auditing process for the funds expended under the Program, with a discussion of the federal Single Audit process and its applicability to ARPA funds.  First, the attendee will obtain a general understanding of the typical Single Audit process and what provisions of the federal laws applies to the process while a municipality is using ARPA funds.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of the respective roles and responsibilities the auditor and the municipality have while conducting the Audit.  During the course of the presentation, attendees will receive answers to general questions that typically arise when undergoing Single Audits – the frequency of the audit, what happens when the municipality does not comply, are the results make public, and etc.  There will also be a discussion of the recommendations that attorneys Horstmann and Gonder have for attendees to implement after the presentation in their respective municipalities.

The presentation will conclude with a brief discussion on the real-world application of the Single Audit from similar federal funding and how the Single Audit applies to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

For more information, visit the PSATS homepage. We hope to see you there!