Pennsylvania counties and municipalities could see a windfall from the nearly $14 billion in aid that will be delivered to the commonwealth through the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act.

While it will be welcome financial relief, counties and local governments should be aware of the rules and regulations regarding how those funds should be spent. That’s why McNees Strategic Solutions Group has partnered with Zelenkofske Axelrod LLC to offer clients expert guidance and counsel regarding the use of American Rescue Plan funds.

Last year, Zelenkofske Axelrod helped nearly half of the state’s 67 counties navigate the regulatory issues related to the federal CARES Act financial relief package. All told, the firm helped counties successfully deliver over $400 million in CARES Act aid to their residents and businesses – with a 100-percent compliance rate.

The American Rescue Plan Act rules and requirements will present similar challenges to the CARES Act requirements for local governments.

Zelenskofske Axelrod is here to help. The firm has extensive experience navigating the state and federal regulatory environments. They develop customized solutions for counties and municipalities to help navigate the regulatory environment while also delivering critical financial relief to their residents.

Ensuring these funds are spent correctly must be a top priority for municipalities in order to avoid the risk of having to repay funds. When it comes to delivering financial relief to your residents and businesses, every dollar counts.

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